Nikos Chaldaios

Nikos Chaldaios

Service Line Manager @ Trasys Greece


Nikos Chaldeos is a highly experienced IT professional with a 25-year track record of specialization in Software Quality and Systems Integration. As a confident IT manager, he adeptly operates within tight deadlines and targets while maintaining an unwavering commitment to product quality. Currently, Nikos holds the positions of Service Line Manager and Test Manager at the TRASYS branch office in Athens. Before joining TRASYS, Nikos excelled as a Senior Implementation Specialist at MunichRe health tech, a unique software company renowned for its development and implementation of Risk management software applications for Health Insurance Companies worldwide. Throughout his career, Nikos has undertaken diverse and challenging assignments in Testing, Quality Assurance, System Integration, and Migration. Notably, he has contributed to large-scale projects, including Olympic Games IT systems integration and localization, as well as internationalization testing of major software products by Microsoft and IBM.


Data Quality & Data Testing:

Data is a valuable asset for organizations, serving as the foundation for informed decision-making and business insights. However, the usefulness of data depends on its quality. Poor-quality data can lead to inaccurate analyses, unreliable results, and misguided strategies. To overcome these challenges, data testing plays a crucial role in ensuring data integrity and reliability. In this presentation, we will explore the significance of data quality and the essential aspects of data testing to maintain high-quality data.