Rafaela Azevedo

Rafaela Azevedo

CEO & Founder - The Chainacademy
Google Developer Expert
TechWomen Award 2023 Winner


Current CEO and Founder at The Chainacademy, with the mission to bring more people to the Web3 community. SC Cleared Full Stack SDET with +16 years of Experience in QA, +14 years of Experience in Test Automation, and +9 years in Leadership, Delivering and Releasing Software on different platforms (Mobile, Desktop, Web). Became a STEM Ambassador , a STEM Women Member , and a Google Developer Expert making an impact and bringing more young people to the STEM area. Contributed to TestProject and instructor of Test Automation University (Contract Tests with Pact and Introduction to Blockchain Testing). Together with other Web3 and Blockchain Expert Testers created the Web3Tests Community on Discord and Twitter.


A Tester's Guide to Navigating the Wild West of Web3 Testing

Web3 testing is still small and not really popular, but it is a trend that is slowly growing in the market and will be the future of the internet. Start to understand how it works now to be prepared for what is coming. I this talk, I will cover: 1-Introduction to Web3: An explanation of what web3 is and how it differs from traditional web applications and its structure 2-Testing Web3 Applications: Challenges of testing web3 applications, including issues with transaction speed, decentralized infrastructure, and complex business logic Overview of testing tools and frameworks for web3 applications. 3-Types of Web3 Testing: Functional testing: testing the functionality of smart contracts and dApps. Security testing: testing for vulnerabilities and potential attacks on the smart contract and the network Performance testing: testing the scalability and speed of transactions on the network Interoperability testing: testing the compatibility of different web3 protocols and networks