About Us

Our Story

In 2018, we decided the Greek testing community needed more, they needed to meet face to face at an awesome event, and so our Ministry of Testing Athens meetup was born. A meetup that, over the years, grew into an amazing and thriving community of testers. We have always sought to make positive changes to community members lives, to seek out new testing stars, and to support fledgeling testers through our projects. In Ministry of Testing Athens, we are all volunteers. No mandatory training sessions for new people. No large corporate structures or high costs. Simply a bunch of good-natured and hard working people wanting to make our little digital corner of the world a better place.

Ministry of Testing is a community of 75,000+ software testing and quality professionals. Greek community has about 2,500 members. We move the software testing craft forward.

The Community

Our community consists of two thousand and five hundred testers and growing every day! The community is made up of software testers from all over the Greece, at different stages of their careers, with different skill sets, and all are welcome and valued here. Our community members mean everything to us, they guide us on how to better support testers and co-create all the awesome things we make and do.

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